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2 Valcamonica Petroglyph Ceramic Tiles Ancient Italian Cave Art Pottery Wall Decor

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A reproduction of the 2 Valcamonica Petroglyphs located at the archaeological site in the province of Brescia, Italy. A set of ceramic tiles created from terra cotta clay. The tiles measure approximately 4'' x 3'' x 1/4'' thick (10cm x 8cm x 6mm) with a metal hook on the back for hanging. Can also be placed on a small easel or even incorporated into a mosaic!

Unique one of kind tiles will not be perfect in shape and size to each other since they are handbuilt. No stamps, rollers, moulds or presses are used to make this unique creation.

**Colour and intensity will vary from smartphone to PC.**

THE Valcamonica petroglyphs

Valcamonica, situated in the Lombardy plain, has one of the world's greatest collections of prehistoric petroglyphs – more than 140,000 symbols and figures carved in the rock over a period of 8,000 years and depicting themes connected with agriculture, navigation, war and magic.

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