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7 Sanskrit Chakra Macrame Beads Ceramic Dread Beads Dreadlocks Large Hole Rainbow Beads

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Set of 7 beautiful colourful handmade, chunky beads made individually from high fire clay. 

Each bead has been individually hand rolled by me, carved with the ancient Sanskrit symbols for the 7 Chakras, air dried for several days, fired for many hours, glazed and fired once again.

These large beads average in length from 19-22mm with an average outside diameter of 15-20mm and a hole of 11-15mm.  Perfect for all your jewellery, macrame projects!

**Each set is unique, one of a kind. No two beads are alike. What you see in the photos are what you will receive. Colour intensity may vary from PC monitor to a smartphone screen.** 

Violet: Sahasrara 7th. Chakra (crown) spiritual connection, knowledge and unity. 
Indigo: Ajna 6th Chakra (3rd eye) psychic abilities & imagination. 
Blue: Wishuddha 5th Chakra (throat) speech & self-expression 
Green: Anahata 4th Chakra (Heart) Love, balance & compassion 
Yellow: Manipura 3rd Chakra (solar plexus) Power, control & freedom to be yourself 
Orange: Swadhishthara 2nd Chakra (abdomen) emotion, energy & creativity 
Red: Muladhara 1st chakra (root) instinct, survival & security

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