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About Me

Handmade ceramic  jewelry, Orgone jewelry, Crystal jewelry, Stone jewelry for men &  women.  Handmade ceramic windchimes, stained glass windchime, fused glass.  My inspiration comes from ancient civilizations, lost cities and temples, archaic writings, mythology, lore and dreams of past lives.  Intuitively created art in the form of No mass production, only one of a kind unique creations,
From my heart to yours!

Thanx for stopping by my store and checking out my work!  Everything I create is unique and one of a kind.  The photos posted are what you receive, no duplicates or mass production here!  I source my findings, stones, crystals, glass, clay and metals from Canadian and American suppliers.  Made in Canada genuine artisanal creations.

Please visit my fellow artist's site!  Beautiful Hand Painted Glassware!