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Angel Elohim Necklace Enochian Archangel Sigil Ceramic Pendant Divine Amulet

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Sacred sigil amulet created from high fire clay.

This pendant has been hand formed by me, carved with the Elohim's ancient Sigil, fired, glazed then fired once again.

Threaded onto an adjustable 1.5mm leather cord. The pendant measures 1-1/2'' long by 1'' wide by 3/16'' thick ( 44mm x 25mm x 4mm).

The Elohim:
This Sigil comes from the ancient "Book of Solomon" where the word "Elohim" means gods and goddesses, plural.
The Elohim are a group of God Beings who created this world, and the Divine Parents of humanity. They offer and provide unswerving love and companionship. They are always available because They are omnipresent. And They want t talk with us about everything that's important to us. They can guide us in all things because They know everything that is relevant to know about life on Earth and about humanity.
Many people have related to the male aspect of the Elohim as "Father" and the female aspect as "Divine Mother." They are Humanity's helpers, Counselors, Teachers and Friends. They hear our spoken and silent prayers and answer in whatever way They can. They give Love, Encouragement and Guidance on the Road of Life.

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