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Archangel Michael Necklaces Ceramic Angel Pendants Sigil Enochian Amulets

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Beautiful Angel Sigil pendants made from high-fire clay.

I created these pendants, carved them with Archangel Michael's ancient Sigil and the sacred Enochian language, fired, then glazed and fired once again.

The pendants measure 1-5/8" long by 1" wide by 3/16" thick ( 40mm x 28mm x 5mm).

**Only one model has been made, unique creation, what you see in the photo is what you will receive. Colour intensity will vary from PC monitor to smartphone screen.**

Archangel Michael is the Guardian of the South and the element of Fire. Chief of the Archangels. Angel of Justice, Strength and Protection. His Sigil will guard and protect you when it is worn on your body.

The Sigil of Archangel Michael is used to invoke his strength and protection. Michael is the spirit who guided the prophet Elisha in all his actions and is regarded as the protector of all kingdoms. Michael is considered to be the most powerful spirit after God himself and led the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell. The writings of King Solomon indicate that the sigil of the Archangel Michael must be used to invoke his spirit on a Sunday evening.

Michael was the first angel that God created and is the head and leader of all the archangels.

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