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Chi Rho Necklace, Aluminium Metal Pendant, Good Fortune Etching, Pagan Jewelery, Metallic Amulet, Chronos God of Time, Tav Resh Symbol

Chi Rho Necklace, Aluminium Metal Pendant, Good Fortune Etching, Pagan Jewelery, Metallic Amulet, Chronos God of Time, Tav Resh Symbol

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black cord, love, chainmail ring, patina, pure Canadian aluminium

Handmade, free drawn (no stencils used) ancient Chi Rho sacred symbol etched into a metal pendant.

I created this beautiful rustic naturally etched pendant using no chemicals onto a thick aircraft grade pure aluminium disc. The disc was sanded and polished minutely several times to achieve the desired effect and blackened with metal patina.
The Pendant measures 1-3/8 inches in diameter by 1/8 inch thick (35mm x 4mm). Threaded onto a tough black braided adjustable 2mm cord.

**Only one model has been made, unique creation, what you see in the photo is what you will receive.

About the Chi-Rho:

The Chi-Rho emblem can be viewed as the first Christian Cross. As a pre-Christian symbol, the Chi-rho signified good fortune. The Chi ro became an important Christian symbol when adopted by the Roman Emperor Constantine, representing the first two letters in the name of Christ- the Chi, or ‘ch,’ and Rho, or ‘r.’ According to Church Father Eusebius, on the eve of the Battle of the Milvan Bridge, the Emperor saw the emblem in a dream, with the inscription, “By this sign, you shall conquer.” According to the story, the battle was won. In return for the victory, Constantine legalized the religion and erected Christian churches.

Unfortunately, this story is very unlikely, as Constantine’s conversion occured on his deathbed, if at all. In any case, the symbol was the standard of the Emperor’s army, prominently displayed on the Emperor’s labarum, or battle standard.

Before it became the monogram of Christ, the chi rho was the monogram of Chronos (whose name also begins with a Chi-rho), the god of time, and an emblem of several solar deities.

The Chi-ro is also the origin of the tradition of abbreviating “Christ” in “christian” or “Christmas” to “X.” The small letters in the image are the alpha and omega.

In Hebrew, Chi-Rho equates to Tav-Resh. The chi rho was used in hermetic alchemical texts to denote time.

Benefits of aluminium jewelry:

Aluminum is valued for its versatility and light weight. Aluminum is malleable and can be worked into detailed designs that would usually be difficult with other metals.
Pros: Jewelry made with aluminum has the advantage of being nickel-free and non-reactive. Aluminum is super light weigh and doesn't tarnish.
Cons: It can potentially react with people's skin. It has nothing to do with it being an inferior metal, as with most metals, the reaction is actually catalyzed by the pH of a person’s skin/sweat. Not all people will experience this.

Care: Wash with soap and water, polish with jewelry cloth.

***Aluminium is known as the magician's "invisibility metal". Reflects incoming energies and makes the perfect base for magic mirrors. Useful for magical protection if worn as jewelry.***