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Cho Ku Rei Necklace Reiki Power Symbol Blue Raku Ceramic Usui Pendant Energy Healing Amulet

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Beautiful ceramic pendant necklace I created from high fire clay and Raku glazed in which I carved the Usui Reiki Power symbol Cho Ku Rei.

This clay pendant was formed, air-dried and carved then fired, glazed and fired once again.

The pendant measures 1-1/2" long by 1" wide by 3/16" thick ( 39mm x 26mm x 5mm) and has been strung onto an adjustable black satin cord.

**Only once creation like this exists, what you see in the photos is exactly what you will receive. Colour may vary from PC monitor to smartphone screen.**

The power symbol, cho ku rei, is used to increase or decrease power (depending on the direction in which it is drawn). Its intention is the light switch, representing its ability to illuminate or enlighten spiritually. Its identifying symbol is a coil, which reiki practitioners believe is the regulator of qi, expanding and contracting as the energy flows throughout the body. Power comes in different forms with cho ku rei. It may be used as a catalyst for physical healing, cleansing, or purification. It may also be used to focus one's attention.

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