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Christan Fish Necklace Blue Bronze Ceramic Amulet Pagan Pendant

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Necklace length: 31 Inches; Pendant height: 28 Millimeters; Pendant width: 28 Millimeters

A handmade ceramic pendant carved with the ancient fish symbol.

I formed this clay pendant, carved and then fired it for several hours in the kiln. I then glazed the pendant and back again in the kiln for firing.

Threaded onto a strong 1mm black cotton cord. The pendant measures approximately 1-1/8' in diameter by 3/16" thick ( 28mm x 5mm).

**Only one model has been made, unique creation, what you see in the photo is what you will receive. The colour will vary in intensity from PC monitor to smartphone screen.**

The Fish Symbol:

Originally, the fish symbol, two interweaved crescent moons, was used by the Greeks, Romans and other pagans as a symbol of fertility usually associated with goddesses.

During the life of Jesus, fish was a staple food for the people and we see many instances where fish was mentioned in the four gospels.

So it was not surprising that the early Christians chose the fish symbol as a password or secret symbol when they faced persecutions for their faith during the first century after Christ. And as it was widely used by Greek, Romans and other pagans during that time, it was a symbol that did not arouse much suspicion. The Christian fish symbol was then used as a marking on tombs and other secret meeting places by the early Christians.

??T?S, or also ??T?C with lunate sigma (Ichthys) is a backronym/acrostic for "??s??? ???st??, Te?? ????, S?t??", (Iesous Christos, Theou Yios, Soter) contemporary Koine [ie?'sus k?ris'tos t?e'u (h)y'jos so'te?r], which translates into English as "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour."

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