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Green Fluorite Necklace Bronze Copper Crystal Pendant Mayan Inspired Mesoamerican Amulet

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This beautiful uncut Green Fluorite Octahedron Crystal naturally forms in octahedron shaped molecules is wonderful for meditation and energy work. This crystal is like two 4 sided pyramids that are fused together by nature: POWERFUL!

This pale green partially translucent crystal is affixed to a sculpted clay body in the form of Mayan artwork. The crystal measures 1 inch from top to bottom by 1/2 inch across (25mm x 12mm). I have affixed a beautiful genuine peridot green Swarovski crystal to the cap of the stone.
The chain is silver plated with a silver plated lobster clasp. Choose the length you want from the drop-down menu when placing your order

**This is a unique creation, you will receive what is in the photos.

More about Fluorite:

Mythology: Fluorite use goes back thousands of years. It has been carved into figurines, Gods and Goddesses, guides, totems and animals as well as bowls, cups, dishes and vases. Its beauty as well as the properties ascribed to it made Fluorite a natural choice in jewellery and amulets. The ancient Egyptians used fluorite in statues of the Gods and in carving scarabs. The Chinese have used it in carvings from ancient times. A fluorite carving the Mississippi Moundbuilders era, dating between 900 and 1650 A.D., was discovered by an archaeologist in a burial pit in Illinois near the Ohio River.

Usage: Octahedral Fluorite is used to help us dissolve mental blocks, narrow mindedness, and thought constricting patterns. The Octahedron represents the element of Air and is linked to the Heart chakra, which is the center for love and compassion. This center includes the healing and nurturing aspects within, which allow that sacred, safe space in which to find acceptance and forgiveness. The self-reflecting shape of the Octahedron moves into a higher vibration of reflection, compassion and healing. Through working with the Octahedron, we attune to the more spritual nature of self and in effect begin to understand our true nature.

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