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Green Tourmaline Necklace Black Gold Crystal Pendant Joy Happiness Compassion Tourmaline Amulet Gold necklace

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Beautiful cluster of green Tourmaline crystals from Brazil fixated with a black Polymer cap encrusted with gold foil.

Grade "A" green Tourmaline crystals that are a dark emerald green in colour when seen through the light, they appear almost black in the photos but are a dark green and translucent. 

The pendant measures 1-1/4" long by 5/8" at its widest ( 32mm x 17mm ) and comes with a gold PLATED chain with toggle clasp. Please choose the length you would like from the pull-down menu.

Green Tourmaline: 

has a lovely vibration that stimulates happiness and joy for life! Its metaphysical properties strongly promote compassion, particularly towards yourself. 
This delightful green crystal is an earth energy stone. It will connect you to the earth and attune you to the vibration of Mother Gaia. 
Its gift of allowing your heart to make an electro-magnetic connection with the earth itself, will help to improve the health of the physical heart. 
It has a strong healing capacity, and is especially helpful for earth healing and aiding the nature kingdom. 
Deposits of Tourmaline have been found in Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, Brazil and the USA. These green stones have an attractive vibration, which has made it popular for jewelers. 
It is often sold under the trade name Verdelite, and this name is commonly used when selling Green Tourmaline jewelry. It comes in a range of green shades. The color may be a lovely clear medium green, a lovely mint green, a deeper emerald green and even a dark green almost black.

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