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Hugin and Munin Necklace Raven Pendant Ceramic Viking Amulet Pewter Green Norse Sacred Bird Symbol

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Hugin and Munin Ravens necklace created from high fire clay. 

I created "Hugin" and "Munin" from clay, then fired it for several hours in the kiln, glazed and fired once again.

This pendant measures 1-3/4" long by 1-1/8" wide by 3/16" thick (44mm x 33mm x 4mm) and is topped with a stainless steel ring and bead.

**Unique creations. What you see in the photos is what you will receive. Colour intensity may vary from PC monitor to smartphone screen.**

Hugin & Munin:

Hugin and Munin (pronounced “HOO-gin” and “MOO-nin”; Old Norse Huginn and Muninn, are two ravens in Norse mythology who are helping spirits of the god Odin. According to the medieval Icelandic historian Snorri Sturluson.

Two ravens sit on his (Odin’s) shoulders and whisper all the news which they see and hear into his ear; they are called Huginn and Muninn. He sends them out in the morning to fly around the whole world, and by breakfast, they are back again. Thus, he finds out many new things and this is why he is called ‘raven-god’ (hrafnaguð).
The connection between Odin and ravens is very old and very deep. Already in the sixth and seventh centuries AD – well before the beginning of the Viking Age in the late eighth century – visual depictions of Odin on helmets and jewellery frequently picture him accompanied by one or more ravens.

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