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Lemurian Atlantis Ceramic & Glass Wind Chime Raku Fired Mobile .2

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Serene-sounding Lemurian Mu Raku-fired ceramic wind chime with fused glass and copper. The tile is 5'' long by 4-1/2'' wide. Turquoise tile with metallic copper flashing containing the symbols of the sacred language of Mu

Four strands of bronze and green glass with one central hammered pure copper plate are decorated with Aquamarine crystal chips glass beads and one central Swarovski crystal ball with black Tourmaline crystals inside of it. The chime terminates in one of my ceramic and Labradorite crystal pendants!

The length from the top of the hook to the bottom is approximately 17-1/2" long (45 cm). The hook is made of chainmail rings and steel.

*Each creation I make is unique and one of a kind, the photo above is what you will receive. The intensity of colour may differ from a PC monitor to a smartphone.*

Lemuria or Mu as some call it was an ancient civilisation thought to exist before Atlantis, an island continent that mysteriously disappeared thousands of years ago. The symbols are the ancient language of that civilisation.
The symbols are vibrational energy of sacred geometry or Light language which is the Universal language of all beings, both physical and non-physical. It is the first language of the Angels or the Mother Tongue and all beings know the language within their souls, including us. There are many definitions for Light Language symbols from different cultures, but they are all geared towards healing, love and connecting to the divine source. The ones you see here were the symbols channelled by lightworkers when working with Pleiadian Lemurian energies and represent healing and DNA light activations. Simply looking at the symbols, your creative energy is greatly enhanced and the connection to your divine heritage and galactic family is cleared. When you "see" the symbols, you feel their energy, not try and figure them out with the mental. They are telepathic in transmission and can only be understood by contemplation and connection.

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