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Mayan Glass Wind Chime Cizin Skull God Ceramic Clay Mobile Mesoamerican Pottery Xilbalba

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Beautiful handcrafted glass and pottery wind chime made of high fire clay. Carved with the ancient Mayan Deity, Cizin, the Skull God of Death seen carved into the ancient stonework of the Mayans in Central American. Will make a unique addition to your patio, garden, deck or window!

I carved the Skull God, then fired it in the kiln at 1600 F for several hours. After the firing, I glazed the front of the piece (the back is left unglazed to show the true colour of the clay that turns a pale terracotta pink when wet) and fired it once again. 5 lengths of translucent and semi-opaque strands of glass in pale pink, gold and turquoise hang from the pottery head. 

The chime is decorated with Swarovski crystal beads, crystal glass, agate and pink coral beads along with Quartz crystal chips. Total length is 19 inches long by 4-1/8 inches wide. ( 48cm x 11cm).

**only one creation exists, what you see is what you will receive, colour may vary from PC monitor to smartphone screen.**

Cizin, also known by the names Kisen, Yom Cimil, Yum Cimil, and Ah Puch, was a god of death who lived in Xibalba (Metnal to the Quiche Maya) and is often pictured as a dancing human skeleton smoking a cigarette. He is further identified by his `death collar' of human eyes dangling from nerve endings. Cizin came upon one suddenly and without warning but was accompanied by a foul smell and so was called `The Stinking One'. Unlike the other death god aspects with whom he is associated, Cizin is not associated with regeneration or re-birth. He keeps the souls of evil people in the underworld where they are subjected to his torments and trickery. Post-conquest, he became closely identified with the Christian devil.

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