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Mayan MEN Necklace Mesoamerican Tzolk'in Day Sign Eagle Glyph Ceramic Amulet Green

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Beautiful Mayan Glyph ceramic Pendant made from high fire clay.

I created this pendant, air-dried for several days, carved it with the Tzolkin Mayan Glyph for MEN (Eagle) then fired, glazed and fired once again

Threaded onto an adjustable 2mm black hemp cord. The pendant measures 1-5/8" long by 1-1/8" wide by 3/16" thick (42mm x 30mm x 5mm).

**Only one model has been made, unique creation, what you see in the photo is what you will receive. Colour will vary from PC monitor to smartphone screen.**

MEN (pronounced MEN)

With a wingspan of over six feet, harpy eagles are the biggest birds in the rainforest. They pursue their prey through the tree canopy at speeds of up to 60mph.

Characteristics: Love to be free, patience, innate sense of value, vision and attention to detail. Very decisive, technically minded, a perfectionist.

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