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Mini Porcelain Ring Dish with Gold Lustre Turquoise Ceramic Pink Starfish Sea Glas

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Beautiful small ring dish created from fine porcelain clay. 2" diameter by 1/2" high (50mm x 15mm).

Porcelain clay is one of the highest firing clays at over 2300F giving the appearance of dense crystallised slightly rough stone when fired. 

I created this little dish from porcelain clay, sculpted a little starfish then dried and fired it. I then glazed it with bits of sea glass and returned it in the kiln for another firing. The final touch was painting real gold highlights then back in the kiln for a third and final firing.

Use them as cute unique ring dishes, jewellery, candy dishes or whatever you may desire! 

**Colour may vary from PC screen to smartphone display. Only one creation has been made what you see in the photos is what you will receive.

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