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Porcelain Earrings Mini Archangel Michael Mint Green with Gold Lustre Minimalist

Porcelain Earrings Mini Archangel Michael Mint Green with Gold Lustre Minimalist

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Small beautiful handmade Archangel Michael Sigil post earrings created from porcelain clay with the symbols highlighted in genuine gold lustre. Total diameter is 10mm, posts and backs are stainless steel.

I created these earrings from fine porcelain clay, dried then fired it. They were then glazed and fired once again. The final touch was painting the symbols with genuine gold lustre and firing it in the kiln for a third time.

**Each creation is unique and one of a kind. You will receive what is EXACTLY pictured in the photos above. Colour intensity may vary from PC monitor to smartphone screen.**

Archangel Michael is the Guardian of the South and the element of Fire. Chief of the Archangels. Angel of Justice, Strength and Protection. . His Sigil will guard and protect you when it is worn on your body. 

The Sigil of Archangel Michael is used to invoke his strength and protection. Michael is the spirit who guided the prophet Elisha in all his actions and is regarded as the protector of all kingdoms. Michael is considered to be the most powerful spirit after God himself and led the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell. The writings of King Solomon indicate that the sigil of the Archangel Michael must be used to invoke his spirit on a Sunday evening. 

Archangel Michael is Protection, courage, strength, truth, integrity 
Michael was the first angel that God created and is the head and leader of all the archangels. Archangel Michael is often depicted carrying a flaming sword and this sword is used to cut through etheric cords and protect against harm and evil. Archangel Michael’s role is to offer protection – physically, emotionally and psychically – and to help rid the earth of fear, anxiety and harmful toxins.

The ray of light associated with Archangel Michael is that of the blue ray of protection. If you feel in need of protection, then call on Archangel Michael and ask to be protected with the blue ray of light – you may even get to see flashes or blue light or small sparks of blue. Many lightworkers work regularly with Archangel Michael. As well as being a protective figure, he’s also associated with courage, strength, truth and integrity.

According to Christian beliefs, Michael was involved in various monumental occasions. For example, it was Michael that helped teach Adam, in the Garden of Eden, to care for his family and farm the land and he spoke to Moses on the Mount of Sinai.

The names of all the archangels finish with the letters, "el", which mean, "in God."

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