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Rapanui Birdman necklace Ceramic Tangata Manu Pendant Red Easter Island Rapa Nui Amulet

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Handmade Rapa Nui Birdman pendant necklace created from high fire clay

I created this ceramic pendant, dried it, carved the ancient Easter Island Birdman, fired it, then glazed and fired it once again.

TThe pendant measures 1-3/8" long by 1" wide by 3/16" thick ( 33mm x 25mm x 4mm) and is threaded onto a strong 1mm thick adjustable black braided cord

**Only one unique creation exists, you will receive what is in the photos!**

Rapa Nui Birdman

The Rapa Nui are the aboriginal Polynesian inhabitants of Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. The easternmost Polynesian culture, the descendants of the original people of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) makeup about 60% of the current Rapa Nui population and have a significant portion of their population residing in mainland Chile. They speak both the traditional Rapa Nui language and the primary language of Chile, Spanish.

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