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Sacred Egyptian Honeybee Raku fired Ceramic Tiles 4 x 4 Tears of Ra Bee Hieroglyphic

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The ancient Egyptian symbol of royalty and Lower Egypt was the honeybee. The belief was that honeybees were formed from the tears of the sun god, Ra, which, upon falling from the sky and touching the earth transformed into bees. This spiritual connection led people to believe that some spirits took the form of a bee after death, and bees' buzzing was often thought to be the voices of souls.

One-of-a-kind unique Raku-fired ceramic tiles. I handmade these tiles from high-fire clay, hand cut and designed. Air dried and fired, glazed and fired again then plunged into wood shavings to bring out the unique glaze finish of each tile.

The tiles measure approximately 4" x 4" x 1/4" thick (10cm x 10cm x 7mm). The backs are unglazed and ready to install in a tiling project or you can request a hook attached to the back to hang at checkout.  **These tiles are hand-cut, handmade and not perfect copies, all vary in millimetres in thickness and size.**

**You will receive what is pictured. Colour may vary from PC monitor to smartphone screen.**

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