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Set 2 Rune Macrame Beads Large Hole Blue Ceramic Bind Runes Norse Viking Beads Dreads

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white stoneware clay, non toxic glazes, love

Set of 2 beautiful Norse themed large hole beads handmade individually from high fire clay. 

Each bead has been individually hand rolled by me, air dried for several days and hand carved with the bind rune for strength and protection, then fired for several hours at 2000F, then glazed and fired once again for many hours. 

These beads average in size from 18-19mm in length/height with an average diameter of 18-20mm and a hole of 11-14mm. 

Perfect for your fibre beading projects, dread beads for hair accessories, or making solitary jewellery pieces!

**Each set is unique, one of a kind. What you see in the photos are what you will receive. Colour intensity may vary from PC monitor to smartphone screen.**

Bind Rune:

Uruz: Strength (the Wild Ox) and Algiz: protection (the Elk)

A Bind Rune (often spelt BindRune) is created by combining two or more ancient Viking Runes into a single symbol. What this combination is believed to do is create a more powerful Rune, than the individual Runes used to make it. 

Bind Runes were rare in Viking days; there are not many examples of the ancient Norse writing them. They became more common among the Scandinavian people later in the Middle Ages.

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