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Spiral Aromatherapy Necklace Blue Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant

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Beautiful Pendant made from high fire clay. Add a drop of your favourite essential oil to the unglazed section of the pendant and allow up to a minute for the oil to be completely absorbed by the clay. Depending on the type of oil, most will diffuse the scent for up to a day. When the scent disappears, add another drop. Will not stain clothes when completely absorbed. 

I made this clay pendant, stamped with the ancient Celtic sacred Spiral, fired for several long hours, glazed and fired once again. 

Threaded onto a strong adjustable 1mm black hemp cord. The pendant measures roughly 1" in diameter (25mm) by 1/4" thickness (7mm).  32" long

**Only one model has been made, unique creation, what you see in the photo is what you will receive. Colour will vary in intensity from PC monitor to smartphone screen.*

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