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Sun God Aten Necklaces Egyptian Solar Disc Ceramic Pendants Hieroglyph Amulets

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Beautiful ceramic reproductions of the Egyptian solar disc, The Aten.

I created these pendants from high-fire clay, air-dried then carved the solar discs. Fired for several hours in the kiln, glazed and fired once again.

The pendants have been strung onto adjustable satin cords and measure approximately 1-5/8'' long by 1'' wide by 3/16'' thick ( 35mm x 25mm x 5mm).

About the Aten:

Aten is the Sun-disk venerated by the Egyptians. The Aten was originally the conveyance of Atum, the sun God, but later evolved into a deity in its own right. The monotheistic religion of the Aten briefly replaced the original Egyptian practices under Amenhotep IV, who called himself Akhenaten (“Son of Aten”) and required his subjects to worship the Aten.
The new religion was terribly unpopular and was abolished by his son, Tutankhaten (Tutankhamen.)

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