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Teiwaz Courage Healing Rune Necklace Blue & Genuine Gold Ceramic Viking Amulet

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Necklace length: 32 Inches; Pendant height: 36 Millimeters; Pendant width: 25 Millimeters


Beautiful handmade ceramic healing rune pendant made from high fire clay and genuine gold glaze.

How do healing runes work? You are in crisis, you need guidance, facing a challenge, need advice? Choose the healing rune that most clearly resonates with what you need.

Threaded onto an adjustable 1.5mm leather cord. 1-1/2'' x 1'' wide by 3/16'' thick.

Healing Rune of Courage (Futhark ''Teiwaz'' Spiritual Warrior)

Courage is faith in action. Choosing this rune indicates that you are being asked to recognize and honour the courage and strength of your own spirit. As you do, you will grow in the understanding necessary to continue travelling the road you have chosen and to face with wisdom whatever challenges life brings.

**Each creation is unique and one of a kind. You will receive what is in the photo. Colour intensity

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