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Viking Skull Ceramic Decorative Norse Tile Pewter Pearl Warrior Rune Wall Decor Scandanavian Mosaic

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Striking rustic hand built 3D clay ceramic tile with the skull of a Viking warrior with the Futhark rune for warrior painted in bronze paint while the rest of the tile is in tones of dark matt metallic pewter and off white irridencence glazes.

I hand rolled this tile from high fire clay, dried it for several days and built up the design, then fired it at over 1900F for 8 hours, then glazed it with non-toxic glazes and back in the kiln for another long firing. The tile measures approximately 4" x 4" x 1/4" (10.5 cm x 6mm). there is a hollowed out hole with a steel loop in the back of the tile so it can be hung. Can also be put on a small easel to add decor to a table, living space or used as a centrepiece in a mosaic tiling project.

**Unique creation only one exists. The tile is hand cut and will vary in overall thickness and size since I do not use moulds. 
You will receive what is pictured. Colour may vary from PC monitor to smartphone screen.**

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