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Yellow Blue Bracelet Fine Silver Stars Ceramic Bracelet Bead Tibetan Shamballa Woven Bracelet

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wooden end tie beads,high fire stoneware ceramic beads,metal silver plated Bali beads,fine silver,1mm satin cord
Beautiful eye catching Tibetan Shamballa weave bracelet made with satiny black 1mm thick cord. This bracelet was threaded with my handmade bluish green & lemon yellow beads formed from high fire white stoneware clay and accentuated by silver plated metal Bali beads. The Slider and end tie beads are made of wood, the bracelet is adjustable and fits from 6 inches and opens up to 10 inches (15cm to 25cm).Each white clay bead is handmade, formed by me, air dried for three days, then fired. Once the firing is finished, I sand the bead, then glaze it with three layers of special glaze to give it an unique finish then I put pure fine silver shavings into the bead, then back into the kiln for a final firing.The silver turns into tiny bubbles that look like stars against the backdrop of a twilight sky, giving this bracelet an unique look!

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