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Zia Sun Glass Wind Chime Sea Green Hopi New Mexico Pottery Mobile Garden Decor

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Serene sounding Zia Sun wind chime made from high fire clay and fused glass.

I hand-rolled this 4" disc (10 cm), carved it with the Zia Sun symbol, fired, then glazed and fired it once again.

Five strands of fused clear and teal glass are decorated with Blue Kyanite crystal chips, Swarovski crystal glass beads, agate stone beads and one large Picasso Jasper central bead.

Total length from top of hook to bottom is 17-1/2" long (45cm). The hook is made of chainmail rings and steel. The chime terminates in one of my handcrafted Kokopelli petroglyph ceramic amulets!

*Each creation I make is unique and one of a kind, the photo above is what you will receive. The intensity of colour may differ from a PC monitor to a smartphone.*

About the Zia Pueblo Sun Symbol:

"Zia" means sun, and is also the name of the symbol. Today it is the sole symbol on the flag of the State of New Mexico, but the symbol is very old- it is found on pottery, art, and other artefacts of the Zia Pueblo tribes of New Mexico. The number four is sacred to the Zia Indians, and this emblem embodies this number as the powers of nature- the sun, the four directions, seasons, and the ages of man.

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